Personal Note


At a very young age I,Kian Amindavar took upon the task of assisting the true connoiseurs of this prestigeous way of life by doing business with people from all over Persia who travelled to the well known Bazzar in Shiraz (Iran).

Over the years I learned the delicate process of these genuine and authentic works of art by understanding the purpose of the different types of natural wool and natural dye. I have mastered the art of weaving and have been priveleged to honor its history by preserving, repair and restoration of my customer's works of art. Not only do I maintain the integrity of the rugs, but I also understand the different secret formulas for different kinds of stains on rugs made by different materials. Over the years it has always been my purpose to only offer proffesional service.

I finally settled in the state of Illinois in 1992 and I have established an affiliative reputation all over the MidWest and across America. I have travelled all over the world spreading my services across the four corners of the globe.

I, in Amindavar Rugs, have been involved in the collection of the finest rugs from all over Persia and all over the world for years in business and centuries of secrets inherited through the legacy of my family.
We deliver the true richness of rugs from antiques to brand new rugs and the most important aspect is that we are one of the few reliable sources for real hand-made and hand-knoted Persian and Oriental rugs on the internet.

Below are some testimonials of our clients. Their kind words are greatly appreciated, and their satisfaction with the product is our business achievement.

Daniel Jackson, Champaign, IL.
John Foreman, Champaign, IL.

Presenting at one of the exhibitions

Giving presentation to communities

Visiting one of the villages in Persia where we have looms